I am a video strategy nerd

Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Since I was a teenager in high school I’ve always had a business mind, I created a successful online business importing and reselling mobile phones. It started as an eBay business and quickly grew through some clever marketing to a busy website selling several units.

I then followed my passion and studied photography, worked my way up through the ranks at tilllate magazine and became Scottish Operations Manager, photographing and marketing Scotlands biggest festivals, nightclubs, and events.

Then, in 2008 Vincent Laforet shocked the world by creating this video which was filmed on a Canon DSLR, ungraded and edited in Final Cut. Video quality which was previously only obtainable with high-end cinema cameras could now be created with a reasonably priced DSLR camera, and this is where my love for video began.

I started a new role as a photographer for BMW and quickly progressed up through the ranks and was given the opportunity to design and equip my own film studio at Europe’s largest privately owned car dealer within their marketing department. I worked here for almost eight years, building up a team of filmmakers creating stunning and more importantly - engaging video.

Using in-depth analytics, the videos were constantly tweaked and optimised to drive conversion, tripling engagement rates and increasing sales. I thrived on this, constantly researching and A/B testing different methods to deliver the best results.

Eventually, I got offers from other companies and marketing agencies looking to establish and grow their in-house video team. I moved to a food and drink marketing specialist where the director, took me under his wing and introduced me to agency life. Fast paced - ever-changing, demanding clients, clever marketing - this was fun! The two main projects I created content for won national marketing awards for their video content and were very successful.

My knowledge and drive for video marketing became bigger than ever and I’ve moved on to join one of the UK’s leading video marketing agencies. Leading their in house team develop engaging content for companies around the world.

I've now followed my thirst for strategy and analytics and joined one of the UK's largest and fastest-growing energy companies SSE, managing and growing their internal and external channels.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to create content driven by strategy. After all, what’s the point of creating a beautiful video if nobody watches it?



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